Monday, January 27, 2014

Holland atmosphere.

As I told on my instagram few days ago, that Indonesia is really really cold lately. The weather's been pretty nasty for the past few days. Rainy all along day, which made sweater and socks became two things very needed currently.

So, couple days ago I was forced by my friend ,went out for accompanied her to a dutch resto (she screwed my movie-marathon time with my dog, Jessie) thus as a return she took a lot of picture of mine! HAHAHA. uhm.. sorry. Actually, the weather was gloomy but instead I love it, I think everything's looking so good when cloudy, no?

Alright, just scroll down to see what you can see, but before that, I apologize my bad-messy-ombre-hair. It sucks. I know. and I'm not going to dyed my hair again this year, so I let it sucks.

 no no no this wasn't mine, this was my friend's. mine was fresh salad, exactly below :)
Really love the decoration there ,felt like in Holland already :p It's beautiful since I ever wish that I could go to Holland someday.

Can't deny that was a quite fun day ,though I missed my movie marath.... ahahah okay I'm not gonna mention it twice!
See you on my next post! (oh. I can't even see you.. whatever)