Friday, September 16, 2016

Dessert time at PAUL Patisserie

So, couples months ago I went hang out at Pacific Place, Jakarta. After walked around the mall for about 30 minutes my eyes fell on PAUL as it is a new cafe (not really new actually) located outside the mall in the south lobby. PAUL is the famous patisserie from France. What most interesting from this cafe is the classic European interior.

The smell of fresh breads spread everywhere. I love it! The cakes and breads here are fresh and mouthwatering. I was gonna take and eat them all!

Too bad I forgot the name of this cake. But hey, look! It's pretty cute isn't it? I was thinking "oh should I eat and spoil this cutie? It's too pretty to be eaten" But at the end I ate it cause I paid for it haha and It tasted yummmmmmy! I loved the cream between the crunchy sweet crust. It's soooo soft and creamy and it instantly melted in my mouth. And I was like "this is definitely my fav!"

Raisins cinnamon roll (if I'm not mistaken). Just like an usual cinnamon roll but I loved it as well! It's sweet but not too sweet and also the thick texture of the bread will satisfy your tummy.

I choose mineral water for the drink to neutralize the sweetness of the cakes. Overall, I quite enjoyed my dessert time there. The place, the cakes, the circumstances were made my day. But one thing is.. The price is way too pricey for me as I was a student at that time. That's all from me, have a good Friday!

PAUL Patisserie
Galeri Lafayette, South Lobby
One Pasific Place
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.52-53, Jakarta 
Tel. (021) 57973464

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