Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marugame Udon, the Japanese tasty udon in Bekasi

What comes in your mind when you hear udon? 
I had no idea about udon until my foot stopped in Marugame Udon, Summarecon Mall Bekasi. Udon is a type of thick Japanese wheat noodle usually served with soup and some toppings. I was attracted with the Japanese ambiance of this restaurant that is shown by the interiors. The restaurant put the menu on the top of the cashier with the pictures of udon with various toppings on it. "Impressive!" I said.

The open kitchen concept allows us to see the process of making the food. The self service system requires us to order the food first before we sit in the restaurant. When your udon has finished served, you can pick the additional toppings like ebi tempura, chicken katsu, beef croquette, etc or you can add some spices to fulfill your taste. So, it was the place I chose to try udon for the first time. Marugame has a lot of menu options that all look good, but, I chose niku udon while my friend opted for baitan tori udon.

Niku Udon
IDR  53K

This is one of the most favorite udon in Marugame. It contains fresh udon with sukiyaki beef and green onion on the top. I really like the savory sukiyaki soup. It's light and fresh. The sukiyaki beef is tender and tasty. This is absolutely my favorite!

Tori Baitan Udon

It consists of fresh udon with 3 pcs chicken meatballs. The soup is made of fresh thick chicken broth that will pamper your tongue. The meatballs texture is soft and yummy. For you who love thick chicken broth, I recommend you this one.

Beef Croquette

The size of this croquette is quiet large. It consists of potato and beef. The outside texture is crunchy yet soft and yummy inside.

Ebi Tempura

This is the most mainstream snack we can find in Japanese restaurant. It's like usual Ebi Tempura, and I like it.

I chose hot ocha for the drink and it can be refilled anyway. I personally love this restaurant. The price is reasonable considering the taste and the large portion of a bowl of udon. The Japanese atmosphere made me feel like I was eating udon in Japan. My first impression of udon was really nice and I would definitely come back again to Marugame :) 

Happy tummy, happy me!

Summarecon Mall Bekasi, Ground Floor
Downtown Walk, Jl. Ahmad Yani
Bekasi Utara, Bekasi

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